We are a client focused timber harvesting & forest management company offering a full range of contracting and timber marketing services to woodland owners.


We have access to a number of markets, meaning the best return is always achievable for all sizes of timber crops.

We specialise in providing the best quality service to our clients from the initial appraisal, through to completion of the felling work & dispatch of timber. From management plans to felling licences & grant applications, we have the skills and knowledge required to ensure all work is undertaken professionally and profitably.

Our harvesting services range from large scale mechanised harvesting of commercial forest blocks, to small farm shelter belts & woodlands. All areas of work are managed with the benefit of a commercial outlook for our customers, providing a comprehensive service and an attractive return.



Timber harvesting & thinning

Timber felling

From an initial visit, we aim to have an appraisal of your woodlands completed and returned to you promptly. This will include an overview of the…

Small woodland timber harvesting

Small woodlands can often be difficult to manage & maintain. Agriforest can provide solutions for people who wish to maintain their investment, whether…


Providing arboricultural work has always been at the core of our business. Constant reinvestment in training and equipment has resulted in Agriforest…


Other related services which we offer include:

 TIMBER HAULAGE • FOREST MENSURATION (measuring of any timber crop)

TIMBER VALUATION • FIREWOOD & BIOMASS (sales by the lorry load)


Agriforest's service is unparalleled. Thank you for making my life easy and helping us make the best returns on our investment!”