What we do

From an initial site visit, we report back to our clients with a comprehensive appraisal of what we've found. When clients are unsure of the best approach, we will list all the options they have available, and will recommend a course of action based on the information we find.



The planning process


Most of our clients engage us to do everything from felling permission applications, management plans and grant applications before any physical work takes place. For some of the larger properties we manage, we are tasked with producing long term forest plans. All required maps are produced in house, to the standards required by Scottish Forestry/Forestry Commission England.


We liaise with other public bodies and third parties where required, particularly where more complex work is being planned - this frequently entails working with utility companies, roads departments, NatureScot (formerly Scottish Natural Heritage) and local authorities.


The work process


Our own timber harvesting equipment fells the timber, extracts it to a roadside location, and then our retained haulage contractor uplifts the timber and takes it to market. The site is fully managed from start to finish.

Timber marketing (the sale of timber) is done on an 'open book' basis, there are no hidden costs, and we agree a budget prior to work starting with any owner. We update our clients on a regular basis, keeping them informed throughout the work. Our charges consist of a percentage margin of timber sold. All restocking, ground preparation, or drainage work is done on a fixed price. We do not charge hourly rates, travelling time, mileage charges, or yearly management fees. 
We agree a plan of work with our clients, fitting in around any timescales such as lambing, calving, or silage and harvest work, pheasant shooting, or anything else which may be affected by the felling or thinning.


Follow up work


Ground preparation be it mounding, brash raking, or wind rowing, is an important part of the restocking process. We do this with our own forestry excavator, for a fixed price, with our own operator.

Planting of the site (restocking) is then done by one of two regular contractors we use. Subsequent maintenance is undertaken by the same contractor that planted the site, meaning continuity throughout the work.

As we have an active interest in getting all work completed in a timely fashion and with the minimum of fuss, we do our utmost to get the work completed ahead of schedule. We aim to 'tie up' contracts within a matter of days of the final load of timber leaving site, meaning our clients know exactly where they are financially and can plan ahead without delay.

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