From an initial visit, we aim to have an appraisal of your woodlands completed and returned to you promptly. This will include an overview of the age, variety, and approximate tonnage of the timber, and an indication as to what the best options are, including whether or not the woodland is ready for harvesting. An indication of the potential returns to the owner would also be given. We will take a look at any site constraints such as the type of ground, and access. Felling permission can be applied for on the clients behalf, if they do not already have it, free of charge. Any improvements to access which are required, can also be arranged and implemented on the owners behalf.


Agriforest utilises its specialist knowledge and experience to have all aspects of site planning in place prior to starting harvesting operations. Risk assessments for each site are undertaken as standard, along with any communications required with relevant agencies or utilities to enable the work to happen. Once the harvesting commences, Agriforest will closely manage all aspects of the operation, including daily communications with hauliers to ensure timber is moved to its particular market without delay.

Throughout the work, we will regularly update the owner as to tonnage felled & at roadside, and loads delivered to the mills. Our goal is to provide a complete service which leaves the site tidy for any impending re-planting works.

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