Rounding off a busy year!

After a rather lengthy hiatus from a website update, I thought it was about time to round up the last few months in business…!

Just over 6,000t of timber has been harvested since the last update in July. We were very fortunate to get several sites completed whilst the ground was dry, a couple of which would have been very difficult had it been a typical Scottish summer due to the extraction routes being across fields. The hand cutting sites went well, with more planned over the winter.

Overall, the tree surgery side of the business has been performing well, with a significant increase in work this year. Some particularly large and challenging sites completed giving a great deal of job satisfaction, all without the need for waterproofs!

A new member of the team has also joined us, pictured with the owner…..

New member of the team familiarising himself with one of several working environments

New member of the team familiarising himself with one of several working environments

Dry conditions & excellent markets

Summer so far has been extremely dry as most residing in the UK will be well aware. Market demand is continuing to drive the business forward & is enabling many sites to be undertaken which would not previously have been possible. Such unusually dry weather, however, has its drawbacks. Some restock sites are suffering due to the drought & there is a significant fire risk. Here in the Scottish Borders, there have been some showers of late, but all moisture is quickly absorbed with little evidence left of any rain at all!

Agriforest has recently won several tenders for work which will see the harvesting crews flat out for the rest of the year. Also, two smaller sites consisting of 250t & 40t respectively, will be undertaken within the next few weeks by hand cutters, with timber being extracted via our forestry tractor & trailer. 

Timber trucks loading on a field-not something you see often during a typical Scottish summer!

Timber trucks loading on a field-not something you see often during a typical Scottish summer!

A spring of two halves, but with superb market demand

Starting off with 'The beast from the East', which caused some sites to be shut down for several days,  the end of winter/beginning of spring has at last turned a corner and the ground is finally starting to dry up just in time for some sites which require field crossings with harvesting & extraction machinery. With several sites due to start in the next few weeks, the market has never been better, with low road side stocks, and demand outstripping supply in all areas of the market.

2018 has so far seen a huge demand for chip wood/biomass material in particular which has resulted in Agriforest Ltd undertaking several sites with high percentages of chip wood material, such as poor quality stands & wind blown areas which require clearing. Never has there been a better time to 'tidy up' areas which would otherwise not be worth considering for harvesting. This is due to excellent prices being offered for timber, and as a consequence, excellent returns to the land owner.

With timber prices forecast to remain strong for the rest of 2018. and with the correct advice behind you, there has never been a better time to harvest your timber.


As one site finishes, another starts....

What has been an extremely busy winter now looks to continue into the spring with the commencement of another site south of Edinburgh. This site is a combination of Sitka Spruce shelter belts, all of which have an element of wind blow within. The shelter belts have been valuable to the farm for many years, but are now overdue for felling. The combined tonnage will be in the region of 5,000 tonnes of marketable timber, which will be a variety of saw logs, pallet wood, and biomass.

With a very buoyant market at present, roadside stock is kept to a minimum with timber leaving site as fast as it is being cut across all Agriforest sites. 

John deere 1470 making light work of the shelter belts

John deere 1470 making light work of the shelter belts

New road & turning area completed ready for timber lorries

New road & turning area completed ready for timber lorries

Forestry Commission farm walk

Agriforest Director, Douglas Mathison, was recently invited to talk at a farm woodland walk event, organised by Forestry Commission Scotland. The purpose of the walk was to encourage landowners to think about the positive impacts & financial incentives for planting trees on otherwise unproductive farmland. The walk was deemed a success, with a good number of attendees. 

Current grants for planting are very attractive. In certain 'target' areas, landowners are given an additional top up grant of £2,500 per Ha for ground planted. This can result in a profitable exercise which also includes fencing, gates, and maintenance provisions to allow the trees to become established.

A link to the article, which appeared in the 'Peeblesshire News' can be found below: 

Timber haulage & extraction - hot logging!

A recent purchase for Agriforest Ltd-a Botex 14t timber trailer. With a crane boasting a 2 tonne lift, this machine has rarely been beaten and has been used extensively since it's purchase in summer 2017. Used for extraction of mainly hand felled timber too big for conventional machinery, the trailer is extremely versatile, with a 7 metre reach on the crane. With a good net weight capacity, the trailer is also used for haulage of timber on farms & estates. The machinery is available on an hourly rate and also a tonnage rate. Don't hesitate to get in touch if this could be of any use on your farm/estate/forest!

Fendt & trailer

Agriforest-now FSC® certified

Agriforest Ltd are delighted to have recently gained FSC® Chain of Custody Certification for the buying and selling of FSC certified timber (FSC-C109654). This takes the business to the next level and will enable Agriforest to purchase and sell timber from forests that have met the stringent criteria of the Forest Stewardship Council®. The FSC promotes the responsible management of the world's forests. The FSC logo can be found on everything from furniture to paper, that has met the required standards.

2017-a busy start so far!

We've been extremely busy since the start of the year, with several jobs being worked on currently, and several more in preparation to be started in the coming months. Three sites have been completed so far totalling 6,500 tonnes, with timber having been harvested & delivered to the respective mills. On top of this, several small scale felling sites have been completed. These have involved the full range of services offered by Agriforest, such as specialist climbing, felling, & difficult extractions to roadside for collection by timber lorries. The returns offered to clients are extremely competitive in all circumstances with haulage being undertaken by firms well aquainted with difficult access and challenging conditions.

Welcome to our newly launched website.

Our site aims to give an overview of the services we offer, but due to the varying nature of the work, it is sometimes best just to get in touch and we'd be delighted to talk through any queries which you may have. We are more than happy to come out to our customers on site, wherever you are, to have a chat about your requirements.

Douglas Mathison, Director, Agriforest Limited.